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Omega Seamaster Automatic Vintage Watch

If you are in the market for a vintage watch, you will find that omega seamaster automatic vintage line is a good fit. The Seamaster has been a staple in Omega’s portfolio for nearly seventy years, and the company continues to produce modern versions of the watch.

Although the Seamaster has a long history, you may not realize that it actually began with a model called the DeVille. This was a line of watches that was primarily water resistant, and resembled a traditional dress watch.

In 1948, Omega’s first Seamaster was introduced, and it featured a basic display of time. It was designed with a rubber O-ring that would protect the watch from water. It was also meant to be a dress watch that could be worn in an elegant manner.

As time went on, the line of Seamasters expanded, and it started to include chronographs and automatic watches. Today, these watches are available at various price points. There are some models that cost as little as $500, and others that cost as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

Typically, the Seamaster collection came on a bracelet, and you can choose from a variety of case styles. Many of these watches are made with stainless steel or gold-plated cases.

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A variety of dial configurations are also available. There are some that have simple dials and others that have raised dials. These watches feature the date and are able to be worn for personal use or professional diving. Some models are chronometer certified by the COSC, and some have an electric Speedsonic. Depending on the model, you can expect a depth rating of 300, 500, or 1000 meters.

The original Seamaster models used a link style bracelet, which is still available in certain markets. However, in the late 1970s, the line of watches took a more sporty turn. Instead of a skeleton-hand “Bond” style, the watches used black bezels and luminous hands.

After the 1950s, the Seamaster was upgraded to become more water-resistant. During this time, the line was divided into classic dressy styles and sporty models for those that wanted to dive. For instance, the Seamaster Mariner has an octagonal bezel around a round dial. You can also find some models that have a cushion-shaped case.

You can also find watches with a time-zone feature. You can set the watch to the time in the location you need it to be, and then change the minute hand if necessary.

There are many Omega Seamasters available, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste. Prices vary, but an average Seamaster Automatic men’s watch sells for about $3,999 on average at 1stDibs. Those that are sold at a reputable dealer should receive a 12 month warranty.

Omega has produced some of the most iconic watches of all time, and the Seamaster collection is no exception. Buying a vintage model will help you get your hands on some of the best pieces in the industry.

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