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Easy Easter Egg Decorations

There are many ways to decorate your eggs this Easter. You can paint them different colors, decoupage them with fabric, or create a spring-themed scene. Easter eggs can be painted, blown, and even decorated with gold confetti. In addition to the traditional decorations, you can make eggs that glow in the dark or look like Gnome characters.
Gnome characters are easter egg decorations

Adding gnome characters to your Easter basket is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. These small wooden creatures are painted in non-toxic colors, and can be topped with colorful felt hats. They’re perfect for baskets with a garden theme, too!
Glow-in-the-dark eggs

Glow-in-the-dark eggs are a fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday. They can be made out of plastic eggs or glow sticks. Either way, the kids will love hunting for these eggs in the dark.

Gold confetti

For a special dying easter eggs, try using gold confetti. These colorful, glittery sprinkles are perfect for decorating eggs. You can also use them to decorate Easter baskets. You’ll need four basic supplies: hard-boiled or plastic eggs, gold confetti, craft paint, and a pencil or eraser. You can find more instructions and supplies at Landeelu. Or, you can make confetti Easter eggs using antiqued silver Easter eggs, paper towels, and tin foil.
Chalk-tinted Epsom salt

Easter egg decorations can be a fun and creative activity for your kids. You don’t need to use fancy dyes or expensive supplies; you can use chalk-tinted Epsom salt instead. It adds sparkle to plastic Easter eggs. It looks like delicate pastel glitter.
No-stitch eggs

No-stitch Easter egg decorations are a fun and easy way to celebrate the holiday without having to sew. The egg shape can be molded from a piece of felt by following a few easy steps. First, cut a long tail from your yarn and thread a tapestry needle. Pass the needle through the 8 stitches remaining and gather the ends to close the hole. Repeat this process twice.
Painting stripes on eggs

One of the easiest ways to add stripes to Easter eggs is by dyeing them. Rubber bands work great for this task as well. To make stripes, simply wrap the rubber bands around the eggs vertically.
Creating dimensional designs with colored eggs

When creating dimensional designs, colored eggs can be a great medium to use. They can be used to create abstract designs, floral patterns, and fun geometric patterns. They can also be used to create underwater creatures. For extra dimensionality, students can attach felt pieces to the egg panels with glue.
Traditional methods of decorating eggs

There are many traditional methods of decorating easter eggs. One method involves painting the eggs with colorful dyes. Another method uses herbs or wax to create designs. The herbs are often used as a stencil for a more naturalistic look. Wax is also used to create shavings of crayon.


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